Birthday for Who?

The Pilot starts with Valarie & her daughters talking about the upcoming birthdays of both John & Marsha. (Both of their birthdays fall in the same month)

Val & the girls decide to let John & Marsha think that’s it’s a surprise party for the other one, when It’s really a joint birthday party for both.

Val tasks Steph & Jess (Daughters) to decorate the barn, and make all the arrangements. Stephanie & Jessica suggest that John & Marsha take separate dance lessons for the party. Val & David decide to have a family tree quilt made for John & Marsha as gifts.

The whole family gets together in secret and hide in the barn. David brings John & Marsha to the barn and the huge barn doors open unveiling that it’s a huge birthday party for them both. The quilt is unveiled, and everyone eats and parties. John & Marsha dance together with their friends and family joining in, and everyone becomes a Martelli.